Sunday, June 29, 2008

Whats up with us

Well as usual I dont have much time but Ive had so many people ask about Mallory and the boys so I wanted to post a little something. Cameron is alright. Thats about all I can say about him. The boys are in Nevada at my moms house and while she might be going crazy I think they are having fun. Swimming, fishing, chasing chickens, running psyco. Thats little men for ya! I believe Cameron will be going down there over the holiday weekend to watch them set the hill on fire and pick up the boys. The fireworks are good too but they always set the hill on fire. I hope my mom takes lots of pictures so I can post them. Shes not real good at that but I hope she does it anyways. Mallory is doing great. Ive never seen her smile and laugh as much as she has since shes been here. She staying in VA with me for those of you who didnt know. Shes being very responsible too. She trying to get a job and counseling and just be mature. Shes having to grow up a lot and shes doing a pretty good job of it in my opinion. So far at least. Shes really enjoying that we live less than 5 min from the beach too. Alright, I better tend to my Maddy now. BTW, Im sure you dont care but she pooped in the potty this morning! She was way excited about it. Mostly because I clapped for her and said YAY Maddy! Then she really like flushing the toilet. I wanted to take a picture but Thomas said that was gross. Oh well. Ill try to get some pictures later. Have a fabulous day!!


Friday, June 20, 2008

The Van

Ok, I hope Im not offending anyone by posting these but I just want to remind everyone how lucky we are. And maybe scare a few people into driving a little slower, wearing seatbelts, and all around driving better and more aware.

Funeral Pictures

Well things arent at all settling down but we are getting organized...slowly. Very slowly. The past few weeks have been kind of a blur of phone calls, babies, and boxes. We managed to get Cameron "mostly" unpacked. As much as possible in the short time we were available to do it. We interviewed several potential nannies and I think we are down to two. Hopefully we will hire someone soon. That is just such a hard thing to do. Im just the aunt but I dont trust anyone but myself for those babies! Grandmas do a good job too but they cant watch them forever. Thanks Grandmas, by the way. Anyways, as Im sure you have noticed (or didnt) that the service has been over for a couple weeks already and I still havent posted pictures. Or anything for that matter. Life is crazy and busy. Im finally back in Virginia only to finish unpacking my house. ARGH! Will the boxes ever end! Ive literally been doing this for 3 mths straight. Can you tell Im a little tired. Im rambling. Alright Ill get to the pictures, well if I can figure out how....

Aunt Maggie and Levi
Samo under the casket
Sam again...
Sams shoes
and again...


levi, "monkey eric", and uncle adam more levi


ben and me

me tring to keep ben from pulling the supports out from under the casket!

Unfortunately me explaing life circumstance to a 4 year old..*sigh*

Cameron explain what was in the box...

Cameron and Eric...double take!
Cameron and Kate (his mom)

Cameron and Janet (Stepmom)

We wanted one picture of the 3 boys, it didnt happen....

This is the best we got...levi, ben, and sam

Thanks, Krista