Monday, May 11, 2009

Clearly Im VERY Behind....

Obviously I havent posted anything in well....months. No excuses, just haven't. I do have pictures to post. The boys are doing fine. Cameron is meeting with Bens teacher today about Ben going to kindergarten in the fall! Can you belive that? Ben is starting school?! That means Sam will start next year. Wow. Sam is...well....Sam. And Levi has entire conversations with you. He speaks amazingly well. He just turned 2! Boy does time fly. Well, Sam recently took a trip with Greg and Janet and they so nicely sent me a few pics so Ill post those. They also graciously sent me some Christmas pictures so Ill post those also. Ill have to dig out more later....Enjoy! Ill get more updates for you also.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


I was FINALLY cleaning out my email inbox so I can actually tell who emails me and I found these pics of the boys from the summer. They are from one of their panaca trips to my moms house. Enjoy!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Sunday Evening Fun

Oh so much is happening. Well I guess Ben and Sam are in school now. Thank you again Cameron for letting me know....(he didn't). I found out when my brother Robert called me to help get pictures together for Bens school folder. SUPRISE! Oh well, Im so glad they are in school now. They love it so much. Sam especially loves his pack-pack. Cameron says they come home with all their pictures and are so excited. I guess when Cam took Ben to his screening they said he was behind (which I just didnt agree with because, well, anyone who has met the kid knows hes crazy smart.) and he didnt talk or anything. WELL, Cameron just had another meeting with his teacher and she said that he is a completely different little boy. He has just brightened up and is so smart! He was just shy at first. I told you he was perfect. Anyways, they are loving that. I also got an email from Cameron today, I hope he doesnt mind that Im going to share it because its too wonderful to keep to myself.....Also, Nicole, Im throwing in a couple of Maddys halloween for you....ENJOY!

My Little Bumble Bee
Heres the email describing the next pics...I wish I was there!!
OK...There are a few things that I need to explain. First, YES I broke the sabbath to get some milk!! Second, yes the kitchen is a MESS, but I don't care. We were having fun.So anyway... I went and got two gallons of milk from the store (they come together in a box) Sam put the box over his head was looking through the "handle" hole. I thought to myself "Let's make that into a space ranger a few cuts and some tape and VIOLA we have knight helmets (not quite the space helmet I was going for, but the boys don't care. They like them. I got so into it that I made an aluminum foil helmet for Levi, which he REFUSED to wear. I made myself the "grand master of all helmets" Complete with horns. I had Eric come over and snap pictures of the "Fantastic Four".I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed playing with the boys and making this stuff.BTW...The "Swords" are just hangers that have had the hook snapped off and then I got some electrical tape and foil to make the blade and handle. The boys LOVE their swords.
Love Ya,Cam

Sunday, November 9, 2008

My Little Men

Janet (Camerons step-mom) emailed me some pictures of the boys so I thought Id put them up. I wish I had more but people dont email me as many as Id like...hint hint.... I think they are doing well. Id really like to post some halloween really like to even see some! I guess Ben was a pumpkin, Sam was a chicken, and Levi, I cant remember what Levi was right now. But, my cousin was something scary that involved a plastic knife and Sam took it and was running around crazy with it. Can you just picture a chicken running around with a knife? Talk about revenge! Anyways, Im sure they were adorable. I wouldnt know thought because I dont have any pictures. Here is what I do have though....And I still havent figured out this crazy website so as usual they are all out of order....

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Not much up.

Well there isnt really anything going on right now but I guess Ill talk about something! Cameron called me the other day a little flustered bc he took Benjamin to his kindergarten screening and ben is a little behind. We knew that though. Ben has some hearing problems and is SUPER smart but his speach is a little behind too. Poor Cameron had no idea what to do! Luckily I had a little experience from the time I spent with them that hopefully I helped ease his frustrations a little bit. I just sent him the numbers for the local head start and hopefully we can get ben enrolled and he will catch up FAST! Maybe we can get Sam in too. They both loved preschool so I know they will love that. Lets see, what else...OH! Cameron is planning a scuba diving trip with his dad for next year. Im so excited for him. He loves diving and he DEFINATELY deserves it. Levi is just as loveable as ever. My little levi. He was a mommas boy. Now hes a daddys boy but I know cameron loves it. I know none of this is very exciting news but I just missed my sister so I thought posting on here might help me feel a little did. Well, I have to get my rotten one to bed but Ill post something else uninteresting later.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Meggies first Cheer performance

I know this has nothing to do with aarons blog but its to big to email to my mom so Im posting it here instead. Plus I bet gma might like to watch it too. ;)

Madison vs Levi

Listen towards the end and you hear sam sticking up for Levi. Its hilarious.