Monday, November 17, 2008

Sunday Evening Fun

Oh so much is happening. Well I guess Ben and Sam are in school now. Thank you again Cameron for letting me know....(he didn't). I found out when my brother Robert called me to help get pictures together for Bens school folder. SUPRISE! Oh well, Im so glad they are in school now. They love it so much. Sam especially loves his pack-pack. Cameron says they come home with all their pictures and are so excited. I guess when Cam took Ben to his screening they said he was behind (which I just didnt agree with because, well, anyone who has met the kid knows hes crazy smart.) and he didnt talk or anything. WELL, Cameron just had another meeting with his teacher and she said that he is a completely different little boy. He has just brightened up and is so smart! He was just shy at first. I told you he was perfect. Anyways, they are loving that. I also got an email from Cameron today, I hope he doesnt mind that Im going to share it because its too wonderful to keep to myself.....Also, Nicole, Im throwing in a couple of Maddys halloween for you....ENJOY!

My Little Bumble Bee
Heres the email describing the next pics...I wish I was there!!
OK...There are a few things that I need to explain. First, YES I broke the sabbath to get some milk!! Second, yes the kitchen is a MESS, but I don't care. We were having fun.So anyway... I went and got two gallons of milk from the store (they come together in a box) Sam put the box over his head was looking through the "handle" hole. I thought to myself "Let's make that into a space ranger a few cuts and some tape and VIOLA we have knight helmets (not quite the space helmet I was going for, but the boys don't care. They like them. I got so into it that I made an aluminum foil helmet for Levi, which he REFUSED to wear. I made myself the "grand master of all helmets" Complete with horns. I had Eric come over and snap pictures of the "Fantastic Four".I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed playing with the boys and making this stuff.BTW...The "Swords" are just hangers that have had the hook snapped off and then I got some electrical tape and foil to make the blade and handle. The boys LOVE their swords.
Love Ya,Cam


Nicole said...

Maddy is ADORABLE!! Thank you! :)

I love love love these pictures of Cam and the boys. So fun! Also, good to hear Sam and Ben are in school and doing so well.

Tanya said...

Sounds like Cameron is being creative.

Good for him!

Looks like fun. . .boys LOVE that sort of thing.

J to the Nessa said...

What a great dad!