Sunday, September 21, 2008

Not much up.

Well there isnt really anything going on right now but I guess Ill talk about something! Cameron called me the other day a little flustered bc he took Benjamin to his kindergarten screening and ben is a little behind. We knew that though. Ben has some hearing problems and is SUPER smart but his speach is a little behind too. Poor Cameron had no idea what to do! Luckily I had a little experience from the time I spent with them that hopefully I helped ease his frustrations a little bit. I just sent him the numbers for the local head start and hopefully we can get ben enrolled and he will catch up FAST! Maybe we can get Sam in too. They both loved preschool so I know they will love that. Lets see, what else...OH! Cameron is planning a scuba diving trip with his dad for next year. Im so excited for him. He loves diving and he DEFINATELY deserves it. Levi is just as loveable as ever. My little levi. He was a mommas boy. Now hes a daddys boy but I know cameron loves it. I know none of this is very exciting news but I just missed my sister so I thought posting on here might help me feel a little did. Well, I have to get my rotten one to bed but Ill post something else uninteresting later.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Meggies first Cheer performance

I know this has nothing to do with aarons blog but its to big to email to my mom so Im posting it here instead. Plus I bet gma might like to watch it too. ;)

Madison vs Levi

Listen towards the end and you hear sam sticking up for Levi. Its hilarious.

Levis vocabulary

I guess its time...

Well its been a couple months and Ive been trying to update this forever. I guess its time. I got the opportunity to go to Panaca over labor day weekend and Cameron brought the boys down to meet me. It was a really good trip. We all got the stomach flu but it was worth it! We played in the dirt. Gathered eggs from the chickens, ben and sams favorite activity. We spent the weekend at the fair. Sold cotton candy. Went to a couple parades and REALLY racked up the candy. Especially Sam. Which Im sure you can see from the pictures. The boys have changed so much since the last time I saw them only a couple months ago. They are very strong little ones and they are doing well. Very happy. Ben and Sam are both totally potty trained. Levi is very snuggly and definatley a daddys boy. Cameron has been very impressive and really stepped up. He is so patient with them (well he says hes not always but who is??) and you can tell his love for them has grown so much as well as theirs for him. Unfortunately I only got to spend a few days with them but it was wonderful and much needed. They are growing so fast and are so strong. Cameron is such an amazing father and doing more and better than I ever imagined. I know they will continue to thrive and I am so very proud of them all. Please dont forget them in your prayers because I know they feel the effects of them and that is what is keeping things rolling. Well, I guess I better put the pics up since I know thats what you all really want!

Obviously these are NOT in the right order. I still cant figure out how to use this whole blog thing so this is the best I got!

The Chickens...

Maddy and Levi fighting over the doorstop. Maddy fought harder but in the end Levi won bc Maddy fought too hard and was removed from the situation. If I can figure out how Ill put the video up...its way funny!

They kept giving each other kisses! It was so cute! They wouldnt even give us kisses!

A goat crawled under my moms deck and got stuck for awhile

I think most of these are parade and fair pics.

Even clowns gotta go sometime...
Madison was so excited because she found a cookie and I let her keep it.

Michael racked up on candy at the parade too.

Sams stash, cute huh?? It was freezing for awhile.

Cameron was DESPERATELY trying to get a kiss....she didnt take the bait.

Michael vs the dunk tank.
The dunk tank won.

Papa Mason making cotton candy
Gotta have a turkey leg!

This is Levis foot. Apparently he walked across something that had absorbed a tad to much sun. Then he put his hands down because it was hot on his feet and burned them instantly as well. This is after a few weeks. Apparently it is looking really good! I personally didnt think so.

Bens favorite toy at gmas.
One big tub!
What?! What do you mean no more cotton candy?!

Thats what I thought!

This is right after they got there. They didnt even go inside. They went from the car to the dirt pile. Sam is breaking up dirt clumps here.
And Maddy is actually eating the dirt. YUM!
Levi is still recovering from the drive!

Now Ill try the videos....well that didnt work. Ill have to figure it out and post them later.

Oh and finally just because I have too....a pic of Maddy at her 1st birthday party just cause shes so darn cute....